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Outline of the Organization

Outline of the organization of the NPTE Institute is as follows:


Chairperson Steering Committee member elects a chairperson with a term of 2 years from its steering committee member.
Steering Initial steering committee members are selected based on candidacy. The term of the committee is 2 years. After that, additional committee members may be added/filled as needed. Appointment and retirement of the committee member requires an approval of the steering committee.
Committee Member
Steering Committee The steering committee consists of steering committee members and a secretary general. The steering committee resolves following topics.
 1. appointment/retirement of the steering committee and the advisory committee
 2. an activity report of the current year
 3. an activity plan for the next year
 4. programs of NPTE Conference and Pharmaceutical Technology Conference
 5. plans for pharmaceutical plant visit tour
 6. others
A regular steering committee will be basically held in December every year, based on a summon by the chairperson. A special steering committee and/or a special advisory committee will be held as needed.
Advisory Committee Member The steering committee entrusts/appoints advisory committee members. By request from the steering committee, advisory committee members holds a meeting to discuss how to enrich programs/contents of conferences and make a proposal to the steering committee reflecting industry trends/needs. The term of advisory committee member is one year.
Advisory Committee Advisory committee is a meeting to discuss detailed program for conferences and plant visit tours and makes a proposal to the steering committee.
Secretariat NPTE Secretariat has a Secretary General. The Secretary General can appoint several secretariat staffs who carry out activities based on an instruction by the steering committee.
Business Year The business year begins on January 1st and finishes on December 31st.

Steering Committee & Advisory Committee

Outline of the organization of the NPTE Institute is as follows:


Chairperson  Yoshiaki Kawashima, Ph.D.  Emeritus Professor, Gifu Pharmaceutical University &
Specially Appointed Professor of Aichi GAKUIN University 
Steering Hisakazu Sunada, Ph.D.         Emeritus Professor, Faculty of Pharmacy, MEIJO University
Committee Hirofumi Takeuchi, Ph.D.        Professor, Gifu Pharmaceutical University
& Yuji Tokunaga, Ph.D.              Executive Officer, Director of Formulation Research 
Advisory SAWAI Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 
Committee Katsuhide Terada, Ph.D.        Professor, Takasaki University of Health and Welfare
Members Shuichi Ando, Ph.D. General Manager, Formulation Technology Research
          Laboratories, Daiichi Sankyo Co., Ltd
  Makoto Fukuda, Ph.D. Head of Pharmaceutical Technology, R&D Division
  Yasuyuki Ikematsu, Ph.D. Director, Japan Regional Quality, Quality CFU,
  Eisai Demand Chain Systems, Eisai Co., LTD
  Takeshi Takashima Chairman of the Board, Powrex Corporation
Committee & Susumu Natsuyama President & CEO, Powrex Corporation 
Secretary General